Happy 4th… Legal Clinic for the Self-Employed and 2019 Freelancing Report

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Read our statement in support of the black community.

Breaking News: The SBA stopped accepting new PPP applications at 11:59pm last night. Hours before, the Senate passed S. 4116 to extend the PPP until August 8. The House has yet to take up the bill. About $130 billion in funding remain.

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Free Legal Clinic for the Self-Employed

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Since April 28, self-employed workers have been eligible to apply for the Pandemic Unemployment Assistance (PUA), but they aren’t doing so in any number.

CAMEO is partnering with Zitrin Family Foundation, Legal Aid At Work, and the Renaissance Center to help self-employed workers in California through a FREE legal clinic that will check eligibility and walk people through the application process. They can get up to $1,000 in benefits!

Though we’ve already helped numerous eligible entrepreneurs, the program still has a lot of bandwidth and we’d like to reach as many people as possible.

Please help us spread the word and refer your clients who may need this assistance. Access our toolkit for cut and paste emails and social media posts. If you would like to do more and want to partner, contact Heidi for more details.

Freelancing in America 2019

Upwork and Freelancers Union recently released their 2019 Freelancing in America report. It is a worthwhile look at the state of the independent workforce and its direction for the past few years.

On our MicroBiz Blog, we analyzed some key takeaways from the report and how independent workers will be impacted by the COVID-19 crisis, as well as the policies needed in order to help them recover and thrive again.

Also, check out this Census Bureau report on self-employed workers in hardest-hit states by the pandemic.

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State Budget Update and Listening Session

Governor Newsom signed a $200 billion budget on Monday. Details come out today, but we’ve posted a review of the small business provisions.

Learn more on July 10, 2020 at 1:00pm PDT for our policy update and listening session.

We’ll talk about what made it into the budget, what didn’t and what’s happening in DC.

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  • CAMEO in Action: Carolina participated in CA FWD’s Regions Recover Together virtual event.
  • Jobs: Women’s Economic Ventures, Renaissance, and Small Business Majority announced new jobs recently. See who else is hiring!