CAMEO Turns 30! Celebrate with Us | State Policy Updates

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CAMEO’s 30th Anniversary: Celebrate with Us!

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If you attended our Annual Member Meeting in December you know that CAMEO is turning 30 this year!

To celebrate, we are heading down the California coast on November 13-14, 2024 for an exciting two-day event at The Dana Hotel in sunny San Diego.

We’re working on fun, engaging, and enriching content for microlenders, TA providers, and our partners.

Stay tuned for updates on the event’s agenda and other celebratory activities throughout the year!

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State Policy Updates

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ICYMI: How to File a Complaint with the DFPI

Last October, CAMEO launched an education campaign in order to inform you and your small business and entrepreneurial clients of their options and empower them to make their voices heard when a financial institution acts unfairly. DFPI complaints are of vital importance to keep companies accountable. If you or your clients have had issues with a small business financing company, please file a complaint. Let us know you filed by emailing Daniela Fernandez-Ulen or filling out this short form.

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Other Goodies

  • For Your Clients: The Artisans Cooperative is a new online marketplace for authentic handmade goods, owned and run by artists and makers.
  • Jobs: Accessity, Prospera, and Community Initiatives announced new jobs recently. See who else is hiring!