25th Anniversary Celebration and CalSavers Webinar

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In this Must Know…​

Save The Date

Our 25th Anniversary Celebration date has changed! Join us on December 5, 2019 at 6 pm at the Wells Fargo Community Space in San Francisco.  We have a great evening planned with old friends, some history, the 2019 Faces of Entrepreneurship Awards, yummy food, and more. Details on the Faces Awards coming at the end of the month.

The September 16-17 conference isn’t happening anymore, so you can mark it off your calendar.

25 Reasons to Value CAMEO

As we reflect on our 25 years of work in the sector, we’re at the last week of highlighting each of the 25 reasons (or more!) to value CAMEO. 

Drumroll for Reason #25: CAMEO values fun! We always strive to make our events and programs exciting and stimulating – and throw in a crazy dog photo when appropriate.

What are the reasons you value CAMEO?

Third Thursday Webinar

Join us and our colleagues at Small Business Majority and CalSavers on September 19, 2019 at 2:00 pm for an interactive webinar that covers the state’s new CalSavers Retirement Savings Program.

This program provides a portable workplace retirement savings account for private-sector workers whose employers are unable to offer a retirement program. Your organization and your clients can participate. Companies and organizations with over 5 employees must have a retirement program in place by mid-2022.

The Goodies

Research & Conferences

For Your Clients

Professional Opportunities

Other Goodies

  • Member Kudos: Thanks to all our members who signed the letter to DBO in support of strong truth-in-lending regulations!  
  • Jobs: Operation HOPE is looking for volunteers while Aspen Institute, Renaissance, Working Solutions, and OFN announced new jobs recently. See who else is hiring!