Industry Goodies

A list of current opportunities for training, conferences, funding, scholarships, and other information that have crossed our desks.

A list of current opportunities for training, conferences, funding, scholarships, and other information that have crossed our desks.

New Listings

Free webinar: To learn about the Treasury Department’s CDFI Fund for FY2020 and how to apply, watch this webinar from Friedman Associates.

Member Kudos: Three CAMEO members (Uptima Business Bootcamp, Renaissance Entrepreneurship Center, and La Cocina) made the San Francisco Business Times’ Top 15 business incubators list.

New report: E2 published a report that explores the powerful connection between community quality of life and thriving entrepreneurial ecosystems.

New report: Causes Count: the Economic Power of California’s Nonprofit Sector – New Findings is a report that explores vital aspects of California’s nonprofit community.

Policy News: With the presidential primaries in full swing, we wrote a summary of small business plans from the top Democratic candidates.

Policy News: Governor Gavin Newsom submitted his proposed 2020-21 budget. Read about it on our latest blog post.

New Report: A report by the SBA Office of Advocacy found that small banks devoted larger shares of their assets to small business loans, while large banks issued a higher total volume of small business loans.

New Report: The Democracy at Work Institute released their 2019 Worker Cooperative Economic Census.

Take Action

The Small Business Borrowers’ Bill of Rights outlines six key rights that all borrowers should have. If you’re a small business lender, credit marketplace, or broker, you can sign the bill of rights. If you are another interested party, you can become an endorser. CAMEO has signed on as an endorser.

Archived Listings

Member Kudos: Congrats to Emily Gasner who is a new member of the Working Solutions board of directors.

New Resources: Agility Recovery has two pandemic planning resources for small businesses: a seasonal influenza preparedness checklist and a pandemic tabletop exercise.

New Resources: Prosperity Now released a Communicating on Race and Racial Economic Equity Guide.

Policy News: The Responsible Business Lending Coalition released a statement on the proposed implementation of SB 1235.

Policy News: Independent Sector released a resource compiling each presidential candidate’s policy positions with regards to the nonprofit sector.

Policy News: Working Solutions CEO Sara Razavi is featured in an American Banker article on what’s at stake with the proposed changes to the CRA.

New Resource: Prosperity Now has released their 2020 Scorecard, featuring national, state, and local-level data on Americans’ financial health.

Policy News: Blue Avocado explains what AB5 means for nonprofits.

New Report: A new report from SBA Advocacy shows that older workers with health limitations are less likely to leave the labor force if they are self-employed.

New Report: NWBC released their Annual Report for FY 2019, “Advancing Women Entrepreneurs. Growing America’s Economy.

Member Kudos: A recent Forbes article features I-WE founder and former CAMEO CEO, Claudia Viek, and cites her organization’s research on women business owners.

New Resource: TechSoup published their Nonprofit Tech Trends for 2020.

New Report: CalSavers published a year-end report on the program’s 2019 highlights.

New Report: Thumbtack released the results of its first survey of small business owners in the 2020 presidential election.

Industry News: Condolences to SBA San Francisco District Office who recently lost colleague Michael Chong.

Industry News: The Senate has voted to confirm Jovita Carranza as the new SBA Administrator. CAMEO signed a coalition letter in support of the nomination.

New Resource: SBA Office of Advocacy released a fact sheet on the growth in number of rural business establishments.

CAMEO in the News: Our VP of Programs and Policy, Heidi Pickman, wrote an op-ed for the Santa Cruz Sentinel on what to do about declining entrepreneurship in rural areas.

For Your Clients: Public Private Strategies and AARP launched the Small Business Caregiving Guide, a free online resource that helps small business owners create a caregiving-friendly workplace.

Industry News: Fundera released their Election 2020 Survey results which show that, though they are split on the candidates, small business owners agree on key issues.

Member Kudos: CalAsian Chamber earned a $1 million state grant to expand technical assistance for rising businesses.

Member Kudos: Congrats to CAMEO members who received CDFI Awards: Accion San Diego, CA Capital, Mission Community Loan Fund (MEDA), Opportunity Fund, PACE, Women’s Economic Ventures.

For Your Clients: SBA published “5 Ways to Kickstart Your Small Business This National Entrepreneurship Month.”

New Resource: The Federal Reserve’s current issue of Consumer & Community Context features three articles that focus on small businesses’ access to capital.

New Report: The Richmond Fed’s recent report, CDFIs by the Numbers, provides findings from the 2019 Federal Reserve CDFI Survey.

Industry News: Senator Ron Wyden introduced legislation to create two new tax incentives designed to unlock the growth potential of women and minority-owned businesses.

Member News: IWEI CEO Claudia Viek (and former CAMEO CEO) co-wrote an op-ed in The Hill on capital access for women entrepreneurs.

New Report: The SBA Office of Advocacy published the Small Business Economic Bulletin for October 2019.​

New Report: Public Private Strategies released their new report, Small Business, Big Impact: Philanthropy’s Untapped Opportunity to Advance Health and Equity.

Member Kudos: Congratulations to Working Solutions CEO Sara Razavi on being elected to the OFN board!

New Reports: The Milken Institute published Phase I and Phase II of their report, Partnership for Lending in Underserved Markets.​

Free Webinar: Prosperity Now has made available the slides and recording from their recent webinar, “Challenges and Opportunities Facing Entrepreneurs of Color.”​

New Report: CalNonprofits released a sneak peek of their new report, Causes Count: The Economic Impact of California’s Nonprofit Sector.

New Report: The Commonwealth Fund published a report that shows how small business owners across America are dealing with healthcare costs and solutions they are interested in.

CAMEO News: Our CEO, Carolina Martinez, is part of the 2020 CALED Conference Steering Committee.

Member Kudos: Bixel Exchange and UCI Beall Applied Innovation are two of the recipients of SBA’s 2019 Growth Accelerator Fund.

Member Kudos: The Association of Women’s Business Centers has honored Marsha Bailey, WEV’s Founder & CEO, by naming their national leadership Award after her.

New Resource: Download Agility Recovery’s disaster preparedness guide.

New Resource: New Census Data – Income Inequality Widens Among Californians.

For Your Clients: Small Business California’s annual survey is now open for response from small business owners and executives throughout the state.

Member Kudos: To celebrate our 25th, CAMEO received a $250,000 PRIME grant. Congrats also go to WEV and Working Solutions.

Member Kudos: Three CAMEO members received TA awards from the CDFI Fund: EDFC, Economic Justice Fund, and Feed the Hunger. 

New Resource: SBA Office of Advocacy published Small Business Profiles for Congressional Districts, which provides user-friendly snapshots of small business statistics.

New Resource: The National CDFI Directory is now available on the Richmond Fed’s website.

Professional Opportunity: CalNonprofits offers its members free or discounted sexual harassment training.

Professional Opportunity: The Local Foods, Local Places program provides communities with planning assistance to promote local food and neighborhood revitalization. 

Member Kudos: California Capital is featured on Wells Fargo’s national website with a great story about one of their clients and the work that they do with and for small businesses.

Professional Opportunity: CAED’s Memorial Scholarship Fund helps people receive economic development training or certifications. Scholarships are available until funding is depleted.​​

Industry News: Riverside is the first county in the U.S. to issue permits for micro enterprise home kitchens.

Member Kudos: Centro Community Partners was named one of the recipients of the Techstars Foundation 2019 Grant to develop and support underrepresented entrepreneurs.​​​​​​

Infographic: “The Racial Wealth Gap” by ABPN.

For Your Clients: Firestarter is Fundera’s free toolkit for entrepreneurs launching their business.

Policy News: Senators Cantwell and Rubio introduced the Women and Minority Equity Investment Act of 2019, which could spur more women- and minority-owned equity firms.

Member News: FIELD at the Aspen Institute is changing its name to the Business Ownership Initiative.

Member News: Opportunity Finance Network published a feature on California FarmLink as part of Wells Fargo’s Diverse Community Capital program.

For Your Clients: The U.S. Census Bureau published a video for small business owners to learn how to access statistics about their market, customers, and similar businesses.

For Your Clients: The C.O.O.K. Alliance released a recording of their webinar for Home Kitchens, as well as a helpful infographic.

Member Kudos: The San Francisco Business Times has recognized PCV’s Mary Jo Cook as one of their  2019 “Most Influential Women in Business.”

Member Kudos: The Aspen Institute profiled Opportunity Fund’s founder Eric Weaver as one of their 2018-2019 “Job Quality Fellows.”

For Your Clients: SB 1343 requires organizations with 5 or more paid staff to train employees on sexual harassment issues. The required training has to be completed by the end of this year. 

Member News: NextCity has a new feature on place-based investing, highlighting the work Pacific Community Ventures has been doing thanks to an investment from the Federal Home Loans Bank.

Member Kudos: Congrats to Main Street Launch for securing a $2 million investment from Wells Fargo to support African American entrepreneurs.

Funding Opportunity: USDA’s B&I Loan Guarantee program is a fantastic stand-alone tool for lenders working to support rural businesses.

Member Kudos: Opportunity Fund released their five-year strategic plan in which they aim to invest $1.2 billion through partnerships with Lending Front and Funding Circle.

Member Kudos: Pacific Community Ventures, CDC Small Business Finance, and Opportunity Finance Network are partnering with CNote on its Wisdom Fund for women-owned businesses.