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Sign Our Letter to DBO; How Friendly Is California to Small Business?

Please whitelist and to continue to ensure CAMEO emails do not go to your spam folder.​In this Must Know…​ Sign the RBLC’s letter to DBO Thumbtack’s Small Business Friendliness Survey 25 Reasons to Value CAMEO  This week’s Goodie highlight are tons of job opportunities, such as Institutional Giving Officer at Working Solutions. Sign Our Letter to DBO Today, the Department

Rosa Guerrero, California Vegan Food Company

Rosa Guerrero Contreras had a dream of launching her own plant-based food business for the last five years. What started as a hobby soon became a passion, but Rosa wasn’t quite sure of how to convert that passion into a business. Last spring, Rosa joined Centro’s Basic Entrepreneurship Program to launch California Vegan Food Company (CVFC).

CHCC Joins CAMEO; Member Benefits; Coach Academy

Please whitelist and to continue to ensure CAMEO emails do not go to your spam folder. In this Must Know…​ CHCC Joins CAMEO Member Benefits Coach Academy 25 Reasons to Value CAMEO – Reason #22: CAMEO partners with other organizations to expand the number of opportunities for our members. This week’s Goodie highlight is the Food System 6 program for food-related entrepreneurs.

CAMEO Hits The Road and August Recess Alert

Please whitelist and to continue to ensure CAMEO emails do not go to your spam folder.​ In this Must Know…​ CAMEO on the road August Recess Alert 25 Reasons to Value CAMEO – Coaching This week’s Goodie highlight is USDA’s Rural Economic Development Grant program. CAMEO on The Road Last week, CAMEO was out in force, literally from tip to

Susan Difuntorm, Smiles & More Photo Booth

Susan Difuntorm is a retired Air Force veteran of 23 years, recent State of California retiree, a mother, grandmother, and a dear friend to many. This fun-loving grandma has had a camera in her hands since she can remember. She combined her love for taking photos with her desire to start a business of her own and created Smiles & More Photo Booth.

Micro Enterprise Home Kitchen Webinars

Last year, CAMEO and nearly 100 other organizations mobilized thousands of people in support of the Homemade Food Operations Act (AB 626), which legalizes home restaurants and passed unanimously in September. It is the first law of its kind in the nation, and a great victory for home cooks – mostly women, immigrants, and people

Local Entrepreneurship Ecosystem

Rural economies are particularly dependent on small business development and they need a supportive environment. Rural areas need to support their indigenous entrepreneurial resources with what these small businesses really need  –  a strong local entrepreneurial ecosystem with business training and management skills, small amounts of capital, access to markets, an environment in which to