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CAMEO Members Host Etsy Classes in Santa Cruz

The Santa Cruz Sentinel featured a front-page story this morning on the Etsy classes offered by Santa Cruz County, and several CAMEO members were mentioned as supporting the event! There are over 400 Etsy sellers in Santa Cruz County, and more than 90 county residents signed up to take the classes.

Building a Do-It-Yourself Economy

The nature of our economy is changing and that means our economic development toolkit needs an update. A shift is needed to move from old methods that may have worked for a different economy to a new innovative, creative and flexible method that will work for today’s economy – a method that is based on creating jobs locally, one based on a “Do-It-Yourself (DIY) economy.”

Rhonda Wiedenbeck, Beck’s Bakery

“I had so many ideas and concerns around starting and running my business, and my SBDC business advisor helped me to focus and prioritize them so that I could achieve great success.” -Rhonda Wiedenbeck on North Coast SBDC.