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What the SOTU Really Said

To get an idea of what’s important, I did a word cloud but took out the word America and Americans because well, that’s the obvious topic of the President’s speech (check out the original word cloud of the SOTU.) Some of the phrases that jump out at me? help people work / support work need

AEO Response to the SOTU

We couldn’t have said it better ourselves… AEO’s Reaction to the President’s State of the Union Speech January 29, 2014 – In his State of the Union address, President Obama articulated a key theme that likely resonated with Main Street entrepreneurs and the organizations that support them, when he said, “Opportunity is who we are.”

State Gets More Money for Small Business Loans

According to a press release from California Governor’s Office of Business and Economic Development: The U.S. Department of Treasury has authorized an additional $27 million in federal funding for the California Small Business Loan Guarantee Program (SBLGP) to provide loans to California small business owners and entrepreneurs. … California’s SBLGP originated over forty years ago

2014 MicroLenders Forum Recap

Scaling Up Microlending in California Disruptive Technology Download Susan Brown’s powerpoint: MicroLenders Forum on Disruptive Technology. The recurring theme: how to incorporate the new norms in lending brought on by technology into our high-touch/community-based approach so that our organizations are sustainable and we scale microlending. According to Paul Quintero of Accion East, because of our

Gregory King, Postcards

Gregory King had an MBA and years of experience in the corporate world, but the help he received from Pacific Coast Regional helped take Postcards, his soul food truck micro-business, from idea to reality.

Small Business Saturday and Go Local

CAMEO Supports Small Business Saturday and the ‘Go Local’ Movement Local small businesses need three basic things to start, grow and thrive: connections to customers, small amounts of capital, business coaching and training. This holiday season, CAMEO supports ‘Go Local’ campaigns that support small business and the microbusiness development infrastructure that sustains them. Campaigns That