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El Pajaro Kitchen Incubator Opens

On July 29, the CAMEO staff attended the Grand Opening of El Pajaro’s Kitchen Incubator. From The Santa Cruz Sentinel One bite of a tiny taco stuffed with My Mom’s Mole, and Claudia Viek was sold on the powdered mix created by Cesario Ruiz[see photo left]. “Where can I buy this?” asked Viek, chief executive

Good Budget News, Yes Really

July 19, 2013: House SBA Budget for FY2014 funds PRIME! and learn about the ‘Independent Worker’ phenomena, what is it, who’s doing it, do they like it

SBA FY14 House Budget

On Wednesday, July 17, the House passed the Financial Services and General Government Appropriations bill, which allocates money for the Small Business Administration and the CDFI Fund. Download the SBA FY2014 House budget and the CDFI FY2014 House Budget – and if you’re curious about the whole bill (it funds the President’s office). And for

CAMEO in the NYT and Washington

Vote for Claudia for the Small Business Influencer Award – and vote everyday! (She doesn’t know I nominated her. Let’s vote her in and suprise her when she wins ;) Media: LTE Published and Opportunity Ms. CAMEO Goes to DC, Part I The Goodies – This week’s highlight includes a study by our friends at