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Excessive Holiday Cheer Message

The CAMEO staff, Claudia, Shufina, Christine and Susan, congratulate all of our members for their hard work that produced great outcomes during these difficult times. The businesses you assisted in 2009 supported 47,000 jobs, most of them created over the past 36 months. Who else can say they are stimulating California’s economy this way?! CAMEO’s role is to promote your results and build public awareness of the real job creation happening from self employment and micro businesses. Maybe it’s due to excessive “holiday cheer”, but we think there is a sea change occurring, what with more capital and resources flowing to our micro lenders and the fact that the Dept. of Labor is now promoting Self Employment as a Workforce Investment strategy.

So have a very happy holiday and share the spirit of your accomplishments with family and friends. You have a lot to be proud of and even more exciting work in the New Year. We at CAMEO are looking forward to supporting you in 2011.