Your Webinar Success: Speak to Engage Virtually

Biggest question: How do I keep the audience engaged, while they face distractions like e-mail, social media, needy pets and mischievous children? ​

Let me be real here: You can’t just make some slides, type up a script and read your presentation word for word. Just because your audience is behind a screen, it doesn’t mean you can get away with no interaction or engagement. More than ever, our audiences are surrounded by interruptions and preoccupied with other duties, projects and commitments while they attend our virtual trainings. It’s not even a matter of how to keep them from going to Facebook or e-mail during your training, but rather how to reduce the *number of times* they go to Facebook and e-mail! ​

Public speaking coach Lisa Braithwaite shares her tips and best practices to become an engaging speaker and bring success to your webinar program.