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Start Microlending the Smart Way

Start A Microlending Program The Smart Way

Have you been thinking about adding microlending to your TA-lead microenterprise organization’s programs?

Learn how CAMEO’s Microlending Management System (MMS) project can make a microloan program launch more efficient, lower cost and more successful. MMS, an online platform developed by Accion Texas, supports risk assessment and underwriting, as well as several other lending steps. We’ll also cover other elements, beyond MMS, needed to create a microlending program.

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About the Presenter

susan-brownSusan Brown‘s job is to provide you with facilitation, guidance, information, support and collaboration to make your work effective, connected to your values and aligned with your goals. Economic justice and values-driven economic development have been her primary focus during her entire professional life.  She brings these long-standing passions to her work along with an eclectic set of life experiences to provide a mature, in-depth perspective to individual and organizational change and growth.