Online Group Training

In today’s micro-enterprise world, more and more clients request or expect online programs. Online trainings allow participants to be mobile, log in from home or office, save travel or childcare costs, and save time, a cherished commodity for anyone starting or growing a business.

The benefits of online group training also support your organizational goals. With online training you will reach a larger geographic audience, save money on rental spaces, and fulfill grant requirements for online learning.

In this one-hour webinar, you’ll be given clear step by step instructions on how to take current in-person classes, bring them to life online, and deliver them as live online group classes via video conference technology. You’ll walk away with a realistic action plan and timeline to turn your idea of a live online course into a reality. If you want to find out if online training is right for your organization, this webinar is for you. If you already teach online and want more best-practice tips for engagement, please join us.

Learn how to:

  • Re-organize your content into bite-sized pieces
  • Decide the length of your program (and the length of each individual class)
  • Create an optimal size for your class
  • Distribute handouts and manuals
  • Manage registration, attendance, and evaluations for grant reporting
  • Get comfortable (as a trainer) with video conference technology
  • Keep participants engaged with activities
  • Connect with participants via emails throughout the week

Your presenter Joy Taylor has been teaching “It’s Your Business” for over 10-years (for Jefferson Economic Development Institute), first in the classroom and now in a zoom room. She will share the challenges and successes of this transition, giving you a “heads up” on what not to do, while empowering you with best practices and what to do. Are you ready to design and deliver successful group trainings online? Join us, take the first step, and get your action plan in place.