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Micro Lending Academy: Excellence in Lending Discussion

The goal of our Excellence in Lending program is to digest big picture topics important to our CDFI members: the frameworks, processes and goals that underlie programs and lead to greater success. These calls are for the big picture thinker at each CDFI, to support greater competitiveness, volume and efficiency.

CAMEO invites leaders and the big thinkers to a presentation from Opportunity Fund on their lending process. Their process — which does not use high tech algorithms nor online applications — led them to close 1,560 microloans this past year. The business model that allows such scale has elements that leaders in the CAMEO lending network need to consider.

Opportunity Fund makes a strong case that scale is a key component of their tremendous success in increasing grants from funders, capturing new sources of capitalization and establishing innovative partnerships. As Marco Lucioni, their Executive Vice President of Lending, said in a recent interview with us, ‘anyone committed to scale could do what we are doing.’

Download the slidedeck and listen to the webinar (67 minutes).

About the Presenter

SusanBrownSusan Brown is a Business and Community Development Specialist with a specific focus on Business Finance and Rural Microenterprise. She manages our MMS program and MicroLending Academy project.