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Micro Lending Academy: Cash Flow Basics

This webinar will help train your staff on projections and give you a format for teaching projections to your business clients. We’ll answer questions such as: What is a cash flow projection? Why does a business owner need one? How is it different than a P&L projection? If cash is tight, what are some cash management strategies to stretch each dollar further? We’ll provide a couple of sample spreadsheets to ‘take with you’ to use with clients.

Watch and listen to the webinar (61 minutes)

About the Presenter

SusanBrownSusan Brown is a Business & Community Development Specialist with a specific focus on Business Finance and Rural Microenterprise. CAMEO engaged Susan to implement our Rural Initiative in 2008 and is now managing our partnerships with Kiva and Accion Texas’ MMS platform. Through her consulting service Susan provides strategic planning, facilitation, program development and grant writing services to non-profit organizations and government agencies as well as consulting services to small business owners.