Denise Doss, Niecy’s Delight

Originally posted in WBC Weekly Newsletter.

Meet Denise Doss the owner of Niecy’s Delight.  She specializes in production of a pound cake recipe developed by her 103-year-old Grandmother, Carrie Doss of Littlerock, Arkansas. She currently produces three flavors, Pure Vanilla, Classic Lemon, and Forever Pineapple. 

NEW-WBC was instrumental in helping Denise with her business, from business start-up, particularly on licensing, permitting, and marketing her business.

Denise came to NEW-WBC with a dream of producing her grandmother’s delicious pound cake recipes that were popular with friends and family. She had been selling them, but not as an official business so she enrolled in our 6- week cottage food program. There she attended webinars and received one-on-one guidance for our Cottage Food Consultant, Sonia Chang. She then was able to create her business plan, incorporate her business, and obtain local and state licenses. She said Sonia was extremely helpful with helping her to develop her branding, packaging, and labeling. She recently started selling at her first Farmer’s Market in Altadena, Ca.

Denise said, “The program was instrumental in her establishing a viable business and she really enjoyed the collaboration with other diverse home-based business owners that shared their insights in the webinars and networking events. There was so much support from the NEW WBC team. It made it feel like I had a strong network to rely on during my journey. I was not expecting to get a college level education on this small facet of the food business. It was wonderful and gave me confidence.”