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Amy Truby, Mt. Shasta Counseling & Neurofeedback

Thanks to JEDI for sharing Amy’s story!

Amy Truby is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, who has been working as a mental health professional and trained life coach for the past fifteen years. She has always found her calling in helping people heal and find happiness in their lives.

That’s why, when she learned about neurofeedback and its potential to change people’s lives for the better, she decided it was time to open her own practice. But she barely knew anything about running a business – especially when it came to taxes and bookkeeping.

She decided to go to the WBC at JEDI for help. Special Projects Manager Paj Kane helped Amy set up her books and learn everything there was to know about taxes for her small business. It was a tedious process but it was worth it.

I am glad I went through it. It has helped me make better business
decisions and I have a whole new skill set. Now that I am through that process I can focus on the most important part of my business which is helping my clients.

With those strong bases in place, Mt. Shasta Counseling & Neurofeedback became a thriving business that eventually began to grow. She hired a second therapist for the practice, added another Neurofeedback machine, and now takes insurance.

Amy credits a lot of her success to the help she received from JEDI. So much so, that she encourages anyone who is looking to start or grow their business to go to them for help.