Individualized Training Programs

CAMEO’s individualized training programs help our member organizations develop leadership and improve operations


CAMEO launched its Individualized Learning Program for Trainings and Professional Development in 2009. CAMEO has raised funds that will be used to partially defray trainings, workshops and events that help develop leadership and improve operations of our member organizations.

We support our members by offering you the opportunity to attend the events and receive the training that best meets the need of your organizations. CAMEO is particularly supportive of executive growth and organizational capacity building.

Review a list of opportunities. Members are welcome to submit an application for a specialized training or conference that is not on this list if the program or training is specifically relevant to the organization.

Application Process

The applying organization must be an active CAMEO member (current year dues paid in full) providing small business assistance and/or microloans to small and micro business owners in California.

The application process opens January 1 of each year. Organizations should send in a separate application for each training they would like to attend at least one month before the training is offered. Application period closes 15 days before the training is offered.


Provide the following information in a one-page document and mail your complete application to Heidi Pickman:

  • Applicant’s name, position, organization, and contact information.
  • What is the name of training you would like to attend?
  • How do you think this training will help you better serve your clients and/or your office team?
  • What specifically do you hope to gain from this training? Why?
  • What is your organization’s mission statement?
  • Provide a paragraph about your organization.
  • Provide a short description of your duties within your organization.
  • What is your Micro Enterprise training experience?
  • What is your microlending experience?

Training Criteria

For purposes of this program, business assistance and microlending may include the following services:

  • Business Management Training
  • Business Planning
  • Access to Capital
  • Business Basics
  • Financial Literacy Training
  • One on One Consulting and Mentoring

Review Process

Funding decisions will be based upon:

  • Demonstrated interest in and need for the training; and
  • Willingness to communicate your experience with CAMEO after the training has been completed.

For the more competitive trainings for which we receive a larger number of applications we also consider:

  • Demonstrated ability to deliver effective technical assistance programs and microloan services that will increase the development of low-income, minority, disabled and women business owners;
  • Organization’s history of providing measurable, effective technical assistance and/or microloan programs in their community;
  • Current experience and skills of the management team and program staff; and
  • Ability of the organization to accurately collect project data on effectiveness of programs and clients served,

The total collective award is capped every year. Our goal is to offer 25-30 scholarships for the 12-month period. Members may apply to as many scholarship opportunities as they want in the 12-month period, but no more than two scholarships will be granted to a single organization. Extra funding may become available and members will be notified.

This funding is meant to partially defray the direct costs associated with travel and training. Members are expected to invest in this opportunity.

CAMEO also offers organizational assessment tools and one-on-one mentoring services to assist our members with their capacity and sustainability objectives.