Entrepreneurship Advantage, Greater LA Region

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Purpose Statement

To create economic opportunity for entrepreneurs and small businesses in Los Angeles County by connecting human, technical, and capital resources through regional collaboration.

We are a collaborative of like-minded individuals who are passionate about helping entrepreneurs thrive in Los Angeles. We believe it takes a village to raise a small business.  

The Entrepreneurship Advantage, Greater LA Region includes all organizations that are working with micro and small business owners— mission-based community lenders, small business assistance teams, banks investors, elected officials, incubators, co-working spaces, city and county economic development teams, and more.

CAMEO has over 30 members that offer services in LA County.

The Steering Committee defined the following goals to lead the work of the collaborative:

  • Build a strong entrepreneurial ecosystem to serve the needs of business owners in Los Angeles County
  • Share resources available in the network
  • Increase awareness of services offered to entrepreneurs in Los Angeles County
  • Increase capital to support entrepreneurs in Los Angeles County

Projects that are in the works:

  • Identify lenders and the products they offer and produce a guide for business owners and to increase referrals between providers
  • Identify business assistance providers and the services they offer and produce a guide to increase referrals between providers
  • An interactive portal where business owners can easily be connected to resources that can help them with their business issues

Join us and find power in collaboration! Stay connected:

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Melissa Cruz
Southern California Program Manager

Steering Committee Members

Carolina Martinez

Lindsay Chung
Opportunity Fund

Monica Guevara
Economic Development Professional

Anna Marie Cruz
Vice Chair
Emma Kloppenburg
Emma Kloppenburg
Vice Chair
Bo Sivannasokul headshot
Bo Sivanunsakul
Frank Stokes headshot
Frank Stokes
Bethel LA CDC
Larry headshot
Larry Johnson
El Camino SBDC
Jack Olree headshot
Jack Olree
Wells Fargo
lacda logo square
Christopher Lopez


In the Fall of 2018, a group of microlenders and small business assistance organizations formed the steering committee of the Entrepreneurship Advantage, Greater LA Region with the goal of learning more about each other and optimizing resources, so they could better serve the needs of the community.

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