Working Smart

How to Understand Your Profit and Loss Statements to Increase the Bottom Line

Numbers tell stories when you know how to read them. In order to be sustainable and thrive, smart entrepreneurs turn to their financial statements to make empowered decisions. Questions to be answered:

  • How does understanding my financial statement help me?
  • What are some of the ABC’s so I can talk to my accountant and banker more easily?
  • What are some new ways for me to improve my profits that I can recognize through Profit and Loss (P&L) analysis?
  • How does P&L assessment help me grow?

This webinar is presented by JEDI in collaboration with Arcata EDC, CAMEO, North Coast SBDC and West Company.

Watch and listen to the webinar (71 minutes)

About the Presenter

susan-brownSusan Brown‘s job is to provide you with facilitation, guidance, information, support and collaboration to make your work effective, connected to your values and aligned with your goals. Economic justice and values-driven economic development have been her primary focus during her entire professional life.  She brings these long-standing passions to her work along with an eclectic set of life experiences to provide a mature, in-depth perspective to individual and organizational change and growth.



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