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State Bill Watchlist

There are several bills affecting small businesses currently making the rounds through the state legislature. We are keeping a close eye on all of these and we’ll keep you updated on any significant progress and calls to action. 

cartoon graphic of a bill

Bills that CAMEO supports

  • AB 511 (Muratsuchi) – Securities Transactions: Qualification Requirements, Exemptions, and Liability (Crowdfunding)
  • AB 915 (Chiu & Holden) – Economic Equity in State Contracting and Procurement
  • SB 625 (Caballero) – California Community Development Financial Institutions: Grant Program

Bills that CAMEO is watching/researching

  • AB 247 (Ramos) – Definitions: Small Business Procurement and Contract Act
  • AB 1177 (Santiago) – California Public Banking Option
  • AB 1199 (Gipson) – Homes to Families and Corporate Monopoly Transparency Excise Tax
  • SB 655 (Bradford) – Diversity in the California Organized Investment Network
  • SB 754 (Hertzberg) – Equity in Lending and Fair Recovery Act (new State Loan Guarantee Program)