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Newsy Tidbits

Really good article on benefits of microbusiness and how to support them.
Stuff we know:

  • These small enterprises provide, on average, 38 percent of their owners’ household incomes.
  • Though the dollar amounts may be small, these additional incomes provide pathways by which families can exit poverty.
  • Microbusinesses also create jobs that foster skill development.
  • Microbusinesses often employ local residents who are disadvantaged or excluded from traditional labor markets.
  • The majority of these jobs offer wages at or above the federal minimum wage, while providing employees with valuable skills and job stability.

New stuff from the article

  • Microbusinesses provide products and services tailored to locals
  • Microbusinesses occupy otherwise vacant storefronts and provide places for neighbors to meet.
  • Microbusinesses stimulate an inflow of community resources.
  • Microbusinesses provide role models and support for future entrepreneurs.

Kimber Lanning started Local First Arizona. They are doing great DIY Economy stuff in Phoenix.

A new epidemic of modern-day redlining has crept quietly across America. The gap in homeownership between African Americans and whites is now wider than it was during the Jim Crow era. AP News story.

Empirical study finds that networking has measurable value to move the needle on equality.

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