Monday Kiva Loans

Jerry – Pacific Asian Consortium in Employment

Jerry - PACEA loan of $4,500 helps Jerry to purchase a minivan for his pet food delivery business, so he can carry more cat and dog food.

Jerry was born and raised in the city of Los Angeles. He has been an animal lover since getting his first dog as a pet at the age of 6. Over the years, Jerry has worked and volunteered with many non-profit organizations providing care for animals, particularly cats and dogs. He noticed that there wasn’t a pet food delivery service for elders and other pet owners who have a difficult time accessing brick and mortar pet stores. He decided to open his own business to meet this need. (Read more…)

Posted 9/2/13

Jonathan – Fresno CDFI

Jonathan - FresnoA loan of $2,000 helps Jonathan to purchase a vehicle for mobile sales of his clothing line.

Jonathan knew he wanted to start a business in middle school. He loved to draw and was interested in cars. These two passions came together in the concept of a new brand he created called “Low.Lyfe Clothing”. Jonathan sells T-shirts, stickers and other accessories at car meets throughout central California. Until now, he has depended on friends to get him and his products to the meets. This $2,000 loan will assist Jonathan with the purchase of a vehicle that will double as a mobile store. He intends to use shelving to display his products out of the trunk of the vehicle. (Read more…)

Posted 9/7/13

Alicia – Fresno CDFI

Alicia - FresnoA loan of $10,000 helps Alicia to purchase equipment for a children’s amusement ride.

Alicia has an enormous passion and vision for providing children between the ages of 2 and 13 with children’s amusement. She wants to help children develop their social skills and independence, with a focus on children with autism. “I have a six year old with autism. My husband and I feel that there is a need for different types of children’s entertainment, besides the typical bounce houses,” says Alicia. (Read more…)

Posted 9/18/13