Introducing CAMEO Network: Together We Are Powerful

This year marks CAMEO’s 30th anniversary. In these three decades, our membership has grown from a couple of dozen to more than 400 organizations! 

CAMEO Network logo
  • You, our members, represent different geographies – from the rural north of California to the urban centers in SoCal. 
  • You serve different communities, as diverse as our state and our country. 
  • You have decades of experience in small business development. 
  • You are embedded in your communities.
  • You have firsthand knowledge of what very small businesses really need. 

As our network of members grows, so does our collective impact. We’re powerful because we work together. In recent years, we have achieved historic successes that contribute to creating a more equitable environment for the most underserved small businesses – from responsible business lending laws to unprecedented funding for small business programs. None of those victories would have been possible without our members and the connections you’ve built with us and each other. CAMEO’s essence lies in our network, so it’s time our name reflects it. 

We are honored to be known as CAMEO Network, a name that celebrates the engine behind our work and our success – our members. A name that won’t let us forget how it is that we create real change: by working together, using our collective voice to speak up for those that have been historically left behind. 

Much work remains to create a truly equitable entrepreneurial ecosystem where every small business has the same opportunities to grow and thrive. As a leader in that ecosystem, the CAMEO Network will roll up our sleeves, lift up our communities, and work toward a California where our disenfranchised communities become economic drivers and wealth generators.