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EA Virtual Meetup: Discrimination in Small Business Lending

Entrepreneurship Advantage is holding monthly meetups to share COVID-19 resources, discuss challenges and strategies, and find ways to support each other.

One major challenge: Black and brown businesses have been hit hardest by COVID. Black-owned small businesses declined by 41 percent, while Latino-owned small businesses declined by 32 percent compared to the national average of just 22 percent.

Watch our recent meetup on “Discrimination in Small Business Lending” below, and learn how discrimination can contribute to the decline of businesses owned by people of color.

Ali Lederer, Director of Fair Lending and Consumer Protection at NCRC discussed:

  • disparities in access to capital for black and Latino entrepreneurs,
  • the PPP program,
  • barriers that black and Latino entrepreneurs face when seeking small business credit, and
  • recommendations for a more equitable system.


  1. Welcome and Introductions
  2. Feature Topic – Discrimination in Small Business Lending with Ali Lederer from NCRC
  3. Facilitated Discussion and Interactive Activities

Click here for a copy of the slides.