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California 2023 Legislative Roundup

The California 2023 legislative cycle officially came to a close last month, once the Legislature adjourned and every bill that passed made it to the Governor’s desk. It was a very active legislative session, with the Legislature introducing more bills than it had in over a decade and Governor Newsom signing almost 1,000 bills. Throughout the year, CAMEO tracked 47 bills related to small business, nonprofits, and other topics. Seven out of our eight top-priority bills were signed into law, including two of our sponsored bills – SB 33 and SB 666.

Below is a roundup of our tracked bills and their final status.

Major Legislation

  • AB 1217 (Business Pandemic Relief). This bill makes permanent the COVID-19 Temporary Catering Authorization, makes outdoor dining permanent, and continues the COVID-19 policy for satellite food service where food is prepared in one place and served in another. CAMEO submitted a letter of support. Status: signed into law.
  • AB 1325 (Micro Enterprise Home Kitchen Operations). This bill increases the food preparation allowance for MEHKOs to 90 individual meals, or the approximate equivalent of meal components when sold separately, per week. The bill also increases the revenue allowance to $100,000 in verifiable gross annual sales, adjusted for inflation. CAMEO partnered with COOK Alliance to advocate in support of this bill. Status: signed into law.
  • SB 33 (Commercial Financing Disclosures). This bill removes the sunset for SB 1235, California’s truth-in-small-business-lending law. The bill makes permanent the requirement for providers to include in the disclosures the total cost of financing expressed as an annualized rate. CAMEO sponsored this bill as part of the Responsible Small Business Lending Coalition (RBLC). Status: signed into law.
  • SB 666 (Small Business Commercial Financing Transactions). This bill prohibits small business financing companies from charging specified fees in connection with a financing transaction with a small business. CAMEO partnered with the Consumer Federation of California to sponsor this bill. Status: signed into law.
  • ACR 80 (California Small Business Month). This resolution recognizes May as California Small Business Month. CAMEO signed a coalition letter in support of this resolution. Status: signed into law.
  • AB 1198 (GO-Biz Energy Unit Equity). This bill would require the “Equity in Energy” task force to develop a comprehensive strategy aimed at addressing equity in the energy industry and increasing the participation rate of women, minorities, disabled individuals, and veteran-owned businesses, as well as individuals from disadvantaged communities. CAMEO submitted a letter of support. Status: on hold for the next legislative session.
  • AB 258 (Small Business Information Act: The Front Door Internet Web Portal). This bill requires the California State Library to create a “Funding Opportunities” internet web portal that provides a centralized location for small businesses to find state procurement opportunities and other financial opportunities, including, but not limited, to grants, technical assistance, loans, and other financial opportunities for small businesses in California. CAMEO signed a coalition letter in support of this bill. Status: signed into law.
  • AB 39 (Digital Financial Asset Businesses’ Regulatory Oversight). This bill would require a covered person, before engaging in digital financial asset business activity with a resident, to make certain disclosures to the resident, including a schedule of fees and charges the covered may assess, the manner by which fees and charges will be calculated if they are not set in advance and disclosed, and the timing of the fees and charges. Status: signed into law.

Other Bills

Consumer protections

  • SB 362: Signed into law.
  • AB 8: Held under submission at Senate Appropriations.
  • AB 537: Signed into law.
  • SB 296: Signed into law.
  • SB 680: Held under submission at Assembly Appropriations.
  • SB 244: Signed into law.


  • AB 1392: Signed into law.

Grant programs

  • AB 590: Signed into law.
  • SB 336: Inactive.
  • SB 557: Vetoed.


  • AB 518: Inactive.
  • AB 58: Signed into law.
  • SB 497: Signed into law.
  • SB 822: Vetoed.


  • AB 52: Held under submission at Senate Appropriations.


  • SB 684: Signed into law.
  • AB 12: Signed into law.
  • SB 611: On hold.

Broadband access

  • AB 860: Held under submission at Senate Appropriations.


  • AB 1347: Held under submission at Senate Appropriations.


  • SB 697: On hold.

Business – Miscellaneous

  • AB 628: Inactive.
  • AB 783: Signed into law.
  • AB 878: Signed into law.
  • SB 284: On hold.