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Summer School: Operationalizing Climate Programs

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Join us next Wednesday, September 13, 2023 at 11:00am PT for the final session of this year’s Climate + Small Biz Summer School, where we’ll tackle operationalizing climate programs.

Naima McQueen, former Executive Director of the Alliance for Community Development, and Masika Henson, Change Management Consultant, will join us to talk about new opportunities to fund your loan programs and business technical assistance to incorporate climate response. On small business buy-in, we’ll discuss what it takes for small businesses to take action and how can we debunk the economic vs environmental justice conflict.

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SB 33 Update

SB 666 (Min), which prevents financing companies from charging exorbitant fees in connection with a commercial financing transaction with a small business, was heard by the Assembly Appropriations Committee last Friday, September 1st.

The bill passed the Committee! The next stop is the Assembly floor, although there isn’t a hearing date scheduled yet. Stay tuned for more updates!

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Small Business Credit Survey Is Open

The Federal Reserve is collecting responses to the 2023 Small Business Credit Survey. As an official survey partner, we’re trying to reach for-profit businesses currently in operation, those recently closed, and those about to launch. CAMEO members use this data to inform their programs and loan products. Please ask your clients to fill out the survey by November 17, 2023. Their responses contribute to data that directly informs government programs and service providers supporting small businesses.

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