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Small Business Investments Hold Steady in California Budget

The California FY 2023-24 budget was finally finalized. This year included steep cuts overall, but small business programs saw a stable budget with few cuts. Some highlights:

  • The Technical Assistance Expansion Program received $23 million to support SBDCs.
  • The $50 million for the CA Investment and Innovation Program remains intact.
  • GO-Biz will see an overall $9 million increase to $79 million.
  • The CA Small Agricultural Business Drought Relief Grant program increased $25 million for a total of $100 million.
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The Small Business Credit Survey (SBCS) is a national survey conducted by the Federal Reserve that provides a detailed look at performance and financing conditions from the perspectives of small business owners. The SBCS is the largest national dataset of its kind and is only possible thanks to a national network of partners who help promote the survey to the small businesses they work with. Join the Federal Reserve on July 12, 2023 at 1:00 pm PT for an Information Session to learn what’s involved with being an SBCS partner, hear from past partners, and find out how it can benefit your organization.

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  • The Small Business Growth Fund provides recipients with up to $25,000 in grants. Applications close July 21, 2023.
  • The SBA Cyber Summit 2023 will take place every Wednesday in October. Experts from the cybersecurity and business worlds will share best practices and practical tools to help small businesses.

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