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Federal Update and Writing Tips Webinar TODAY!

In this Must Know…

Federal Update

We’ve paid a lot of attention to what’s happening in California lately. Here’s a few tidbits about what’s happening around small business at the federal level:

Writing Tips Webinar TODAY

For those of us in the microbusiness sector, effectively communicating our point is important to prove our impact. 
Join this webinar, where our own Heidi Pickman will walk you through 5 steps in the writing process that will bring more punch to your writing and learn more than 10 easy-to-apply writing tips.

25 Reasons to Value CAMEO

After you take the writing webinar, you will improve your ability to write high-impact success stories.
Reason #13: CAMEO broadens the reach of your clients’ success beyond your community by featuring them as a Micro Success Story.

The Goodies

Professional Opportunities

Other Goodies

  • State Update: Gov. Newsom’s State Budget will expand CalEITC, a move that is set to benefit small businesses and low-to-middle-income working families.
  • Jobs: Renaissance, California Budget & Policy Center, and California FarmLink announced new jobs recently. See who else is hiring!