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Business Value Gap Is Real; Today: Speaking Skills Webinar

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Business Value Gap Is Real – Prosperity Now Scorecard

Prosperity Now has released the local-level data for their 2019 Scorecard, a comprehensive tool that shows the financial well-being of households in the U.S. The data for California’s cities shows that racial and gender disparities exist in all areas including business value, whether it’s in urban or rural environments.
Prosperity Now also released a Municipal Policy Blueprint aimed at helping local leaders and advocates arrive at solutions that address specific challenges in their communities. Some of those policies include regulating banking and lending practices as well as prioritizing entrepreneurs of color in procurement and contracting. 
Read more in our latest blog post, “2019 Prosperity Now Scorecard Shows Business Value Gap Is Real.”

Your Webinar Success: Speak to Engage Virtually

How do you keep your webinar audience engaged, while they face distractions like e-mail, social media, needy pets and mischievous children? 
Public speaking coach Lisa Braithwaite will share her tips and best practices to become an engaging speaker and bring success to your webinar program.

State Budget

The FY 2019-2020 California Budget was published, and there’s good news and bad news. 
The five-year investment that aims to spend $20 million in small business development, signed by former Governor Jerry Brown, is in the budget.  
While we made a strong effort to include the California Small Business and Jobs Act into the final budget, in the end, the powers that be did not include it.  We will continue to support additional investment in small business development in the next budget cycle.

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  • Jobs: Renaissance, CCEDA, and CDC Small Business Finance announced new jobs recently. See who else is hiring!​​