Strategic Planning – Webinar

November 14, 2019 - 12:00 PM

Build a Business That Gives You the Freedom to Be Happy™

You started a business because you thought it would be challenging, rewarding, make a difference, and improve your quality of life, right?

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Over time, a business can become complex, demanding, and move at lightning speed. This is when it’s crucial to breathe, assess, and to ensure you are doing the right things at the right time.

Throughout this engaging webinar, we will explore how your actions TODAY create your business FUTURE and how to Build a Business That Gives You the Freedom to Be Happy ™.

The materials covered are based on intrepid entrepreneurs that took a deep dive into their businesses and made healthy changes that increased their profitability and led to a more balanced life.

• Take a brutally honest assessment of your business
• Learn what has worked for other entrepreneurs: Success Leaves Clues
• Identify what is needed to streamline your business and to be more profitable
• Clarify what you should Start, Stop, and Keep doing

This interactive webinar is for business owners that have been operating for a minimum of six months and are committed to evaluating their business or nonprofit with fresh eyes, ears, and heart.

For over 20 years Stephanie Hoffman has coached hundreds of entrepreneurs on how to create a profitable business that is alive, meaningful, and growing. Stephanie has worked with many industries including retail, health, government, recreation, education, hi-tech, finance, and communications. In addition to her own training and coaching business, Stephanie has been a business advisor for JEDI, and also the Small Business Development Center in both Northern California and Southern Oregon.

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