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Strategic Management Framework Course 101: Overview

Strategic Management Framework Course 101: Overview


10:00 am - 1:00 pm

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CAMEO’s National CDFI Academy is pleased to offer its new Strategic Management Framework series, designed specifically to support micro and small business lending CDFIs in understanding the components of a robust strategic management framework essential to a strong performing CDFI.

For the Overview course-only, register here.

For the full course series (March 15 – April 5), register here.

Who Should Attend: ​Senior Staff Leadership and Board Leadership, including CEOs, COOs, CFOs, and lending, finance and development team leads.

Instructor: Leslie Hoffman

Learning Outcomes: As a result of participating in the training, students will

  • Have an understanding of the key elements of the strategic management framework;
  • Be able to explain the five-pillars concept;
  • Have an understanding of key elements of strategic goal setting;
  • Have an understanding of the relationship between strategic goals and an annual operating plan;
  • Be able to explain the role of the functional feedback loop to support organizational effectiveness;
  • Be introduced to a case study example that will be used throughout the course;
  • Have built relationships to strengthen their supportive network with peers.

Each course builds on and references the content in the prior course(s) and therefore, with the exception of the initial overview course, require participation in the entire series.