New Address: Two Embarcadero Center, 8th floor, San Francisco, CA 94111     

Mina Wilcox, Art Mina

Mina Wilcox comes from a long line of entrepreneurs. Her grandfather was a printmaker, and her parents ran a restaurant in Japan. So, with her husband’s encouragement of her artistic abilities, and despite the challenges of having English as her second language, she decided to open her own business in 2014. Art Mina features her beautiful hand-printed artwork on California Eco-Friendly items.


FRESH FROM CALIFORNIA is a lifestyle brand & creative studio led by graphic designer Albert Patterson. Recently, FRESH launched a new set of branding-specific services that are ideal & valuable for new small businesses trying to figure out their business’ identity and for existing businesses needed some TLC.

Leah Park Fierro, Milkfarm

After six years as manager of Silverlake Cheese Shop, Leah Park Fierro knew she wanted to start her own business. She wanted to express her passion for educating the community on the fine tastes of artisan cheese. Her startup, Milkfarm, is a neighborhood cheese shop that sells hundreds of international cheeses. They also sell artisanal wine, beer and charcuterie from small, independent local producers.

Annika and Robert Corbin – I Like Pie

Most small business owners face some obstacles on the road to Startup, but Annika Corbin feels like their “commitment was tested on a daily basis and often the obstacles seemed like they would be impossible to overcome. Having a good idea was not enough. It took a strong business plan, proper funding, guidance from professional resources, and very thick skin.”

Shannon Saathoff, Once in a Licetime

Entrepreneur Shannon Saathoff launched Once in a Licetime in 2014 to answer the needs of parents searching for support and treatment to eradicate lice. She now has seven locations across Southern California. The Orange County Small Business Development Center (OC SBDC) presented the official grand opening for Once in a Licetime’s location in San Juan Capistrano on June 8th, 2018.

Michelle Constant, CONSTANT Associates

Michelle Constant founded CONSTANT Associates in 2004 as a disaster and crisis management consulting firm. Their first contract involved the delivery of biological terrorism exercises for the government. But to grow, the firm needed expert help.

Bill McRae, On Stage Music Academy

A classically trained musician from an early age, Bill McRae spent many years performing and composing. He played keyboards, guitar and bass. After college, he became a music business executive, then a classroom teacher. In 2014, Bill decided he wanted to open a music school. He wanted to share his love of music with students of all ages.

Mariatu Browne, Tu Organics Salon & Spa

Mariatu “Tu” Browne discovered her passion for hair at the early age of 9. She used to braid hair in her home country of Sierra Leone. Fast forward to California in 2006, where a generous investment from a friend helped her open her first salon, Tu’s Studio Hair Design. A series of personal hardships, coupled with the onset of an economic downturn, forced her to close her doors.

Yolanda Quam, The Fuel Shack

Not even two years young, San Clemente’s Fuel Shack displays expertise well beyond its age. Not only does founder Yolanda Quam’s breakfast and lunch kitchen boast the 13th highest national ranking, it provides a community atmosphere where every customer feels like family.