Constance Sparks

Portrait of Connie Sparks

Financial Specialist

Phone: 661 753-3379
Service Area: Throughout California

Description of services: Capital Development, Business Planning, Business Modeling, Cash Flow Planning, Business Management, SWOT Analysis. Her company is one of few certified by the U.S. Small Business Administration as Technical Assistant.

Connie Sparks is the CEO of Wadeco Capital and Round 1 Funding. Her business and financing career spans over 18 years, helping business owners and managers build transformation and financing strategies to grow their business. Additionally, she consults with numerous clients across the country on raising capital, sustaining and expanding their business, which led to raising more than $44 million through the Small Business Administration (SBA), non-conventional, and hard money lending programs-shaping communities for success.

As an Author, International Business Coach and National Trainer, she educates the business community with a more holistic approach to starting and running a successful business and accessing capital. Her workshops and seminars are presented to educational institutions, associations, and private organizations throughout the country, reaching more than 25,000 business owners and executives nationwide.