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Gabriela Murguia, MercaMex Distributor and Dulceria Alebrijes

Gabriela Murguia was born and raised in Zamora Michoacán and comes from a family of merchants. When she was 29 she moved to Ontario, California but found it difficult to find viable work. She moved to Delano, and worked in the fields picking grapes, and in restaurants and a gas station to sustain her family. After a lot of hard work and dedication, she was promoted to full time at the gas station, with benefits and better pay. Meanwhile, she was preparing herself for the field she liked most – sales!

Engaging with Veterans: Entrepreneurship and the Military

CAMEO’s Women Veterans Entrepreneurship Network offers year-round community events to foster new businesses. Veterans Day is an excellent time to promote your business development classes and special programs for veterans, military spouses and caregivers. Join us for tips on how to engage more military-connected business owners in time for Veterans Day.

Federal Reserve Small Business Credit Survey

Please send this email to your clients and have them participate in the survey – it’s been super useful in understanding small business credit needs. CAMEO is partnering with the Federal Reserve to conduct a Small Business Credit Survey for both pre-start and existing businesses, and we’d like you to participate. This short survey will take approximately 9

Maria Harrington, Casa de Español

Before Maria Harrington was a business owner or even a teacher, she was a student at Berkeley exploring a question: How are indigenous cultures changing in terms of language and culture, given mass migration to the US? In her research, she followed a connection to Chiapas, the southernmost state in Mexico. There, she lodged with the indigenous family of a friend in their jungle community.

Historic Truth-In-Lending Bill: Ask Governor Brown to sign it!

CAMEO is excited to announce that SB 1235 (Glazer), the California small business truth-in-lending bill that we have been working on passed the legislature on August 31st, the last day of the legislative session. The vote was bipartisan with the Assembly voting 72-3 and the Senate 28-6! We’ve been working really hard with the author’s office and many allies