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Viva American Independence! Viva American Independent Entrepreneurs

Who are the Independent Entrepreneurs? In the summer of 1776, the Founding Fathers drafted a document that declared the 13 American Colonies would no longer live under the thumb of a system that wasn’t looking after their interests. These days, a similar search for independence is taking place in the labor force. Though different entities

Tech Tools: Bringing Business Assistance into the Future

Technology is changing EVERYTHING. Including business assistance. Our members are having innovative responses to the changing landscape. Learn how several of your peers are developing products and services to respond to the rapid changes in the economy and society.

2018 Annual Member Meeting – Thriving in Transition

With transition comes uncertainty, but also potential and opportunities. This year’s Annual Member Meeting focused on the changes and challenges our members and the wider microbusiness world have been facing for the past few years. From natural disasters to the impact of technology on the labor force, it is important to know how to adapt