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Experiences of African American Business Owners

AEO spoke to two inspiring people working with African American business owners in underserved communities. Jessica Norwood is the founder and executive director of Emerging ChangeMakers Network, which focuses on economic empowerment and wealth creation in the Deep South. Kevin Jones is founder of Good Capital (among his many projects), a venture capital firm that invests in social

Facts About Recent Changes to Overtime

Thanks to Madison Services Group for this update. The Administration’s final overtime rule, published on May 18, will make an estimated 4.2 million new workers eligible for overtime pay. Salaried workers, making up to $47,476 annually, will get time-and-a-half payments for work over 40 hours in a week. The effective date is December 1, 2016. Background

Bethany Smith, B Team Solutions

Updated April 2019 Winner of 2016 Faces of Entrepreneurship Award Necessity may be the mother of invention, but if you ask any inventor, they may say the real devil is noticing that need. Then, of course, you have to do something about it. That’s how it was for Bethany Smith of B Team Solutions, LLC,