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The Case for A Publicly Supported Ecosystem For Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Boku Kodama, Renaissance Entrepreneurship Center Peter Drucker, the notable business thinker of the 20th Century once said that business was simply about two things: marketing and innovation. But he defined innovation not as possessing brilliant ideas but in being conscientious. Using Drucker’s definition of innovation, we – as leaders, as a municipality, as a state –

Social Entrepreneurship Venture Challenge

Thanks to Betsy Densmore, Founder/Managing Director of Academies for Social Entrepreneurship The Social Entrepreneurship Venture Challenge will bridge the gap between venture philanthropists seeking financial and social impact AND well-vetted social enterprises that can deliver double bottom line returns. After integrating due diligence reviews, mentoring and business plan/pitch development, the Challenge will showcase the most

MicroLending Academy Newsletter: Opportunities to Scale

The MLA newsletter is chock-a-block with articles, resources, technology, success stories, interviews, and big picture ideas on all Lending Academy features. This edition focuses on the many opportunities CAMEO is extending to its members in order to scale. In this Issue… CAMEO in Action:  SB 197 Success Story:  Southern Girl Desserts MMS Update: Fresno CDFI