Ms. CAMEO Goes to Shanghai

July 23, 2015: Ms. CAMEO goes to Shanghai to discuss microbusiness and finance, Scholarships to AEO and be counted with the microTracker survey

David Aragon, Araparts

David Aragon loved cars from an early age, and had made enough money from reselling hard-to-find car parts — including one discontinued part that he’d had to re-produce himself — to open his own business. He was ready and eager to grow, but banks weren’t willing to lend to him due to his youth. He applied to California Capital, who were happy to work with him to secure the microloan he needed.

Micro Lending Academy: Advanced Balance Sheets

Now that we all know what a balance sheet is and how it operates, what type of analysis can we do with it? In this webinar we will review some common balance sheet ratios used by lenders, but then move onto analysis that is useful for business owner management decisions.