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Women’s Small Business Ownership Act

Senator Maria Cantwell (D-WA) has introduced the Women’s Small Business Ownership Act of 2014. The bill nearly doubles funding for Women’s Business Centers, increases federal contracting opportunities for women-owned small businesses, and increases microlending.

Jeremy LeBlanc and Chad Berkey, Tin Play

After four years of development, Jeremy and Chad were ready to launch their line of speciality bartending tools, but needed a small loan to get started. Thankfully, Accion San Diego was there to fill the gap with a $25,000 microloan.

Bertha Magaña, Magaña Farms

Bertha Magaña had experience as a farmworker and good credit, but struggled to find the financing she needed to support her 7 acre organic farm. California FarmLink helped her find over $70,000 in loans to expand her business, and ALBA helped get her vegetables into stores.

Kimberly Haines, Pampered Pet Salon & Boutique

Kimberly Haines had a solid business plan and a love of pet care, but couldn’t find the loan from a bank she needed to start her own business, CAMEO member Opening Doors stepped in with a microloan, and her pet salon opened in Novemeber 2013.

Growth of Microlending: Disruption, Adoption

This newsletter is chock-a-block with articles, resources, technology, success stories, interviews, and big picture ideas on all Lending Academy features. This edition revolves around the disruptive changes that are popping up on a regular basis and providing challenges and opportunities for our sector. In this Issue… State of Microlending, June 18 Meeting with CDFIs News:

Torrey Douglass, Lemon Fresh Design

Torrey Douglass designs websites under the name Lemon Fresh Design, and had a stellar website, but few customers. “The business side was not my strength,” concedes Douglass, who turned to West Company’s Loyd Hambrick for help grow with her fledgling micro-business.

Revenue-based Lending

Written by Shufina English The combination of online technology and investors who seek higher returns has created a flood of online business lending companies.  Where there once was  a handful, there now are dozens, hundreds maybe.  Navigating the space is challenging, even for an experienced borrower. Rates, loan structures, fees, terms, etc can be hard