Capital for New Resource Based Businesses

ShadeFund is a national, web-based microloan program (up to $50,000) for green entrepreneurs who use farmland or forestland responsibly. This webinar demonstrates how California microlenders can work together with ShadeFund to ensure that California’s green innovators have access to the capital they need to grow.

FY2013 Federal Budget and Shadefund

September 20, 2012: the FY2013 Federal Budget should be same as FY2012 for now (under Continuing Resolution) and ShadeFund, a new capital source for natural resource based small and micro-businesses

John Falcon, Falcon Builders

Falcon Builders has 10 employees. John is known as the “go-to” person on government contracting issues and is a leader in his local Disabled Veteran’s organization. He received vital training from CAMEO member Central Valley Business Incubator.