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2012 Annual Member Meeting Recap

We returned from Sacramento energized and inspired. Over 75 people participated in our meeting events! Our largest attendance ever. Thanks to the CAMEO members, award winners, friends and legislators who gathered to support micro-business in California. Here’s the recap and links to notes and resources. Wednesday morning was the Rural Summit in which two dynamic

Kevin Ho & Juan Miron, MIHO Catering Co.

Co-owners Kevin Ho and Juan Miron met while working in the restaurant industry and shared a passion for gathering friends and family around good food. In the spring of 2010, they launched MIHO Gastrotruck, a food truck that provided locally sourced, natural, healthy, good food.  One of the biggest hurdles they crossed was financing. They weren’t successful in securing financing through traditional means and were referred to Accion San Diego who lent them $15,000 to buy and fix up an old lunch truck.

Barbara Halsey: Working With Your Local WIB

On June 7, 2012, board member Judy Hawkins led a conversation with Barbara Halsey, the executive director of the California Workforce Association, about working with your local Workforce Investment Board (WIB). What follows are some notes from the conversation. *It’s important to look at the philosophy of the WIB at the board level. If social

Rural Summit 2012 – Tourism

CAMEO’s 2012 Rural Summit started out with introductions and expressing challenges that different areas have with tourism. Where proper nouns exist – just replace with the name of your town. I live in a very urban area and many of these challenges apply. People don’t think of Fresno as a tourism stop. San Luis Obispo