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Unlucky Number 13

February 16, 2012: Claudia at the Federal Reserve, President Obama’s FY2013 budget (meh), AEO Conference sign-ups open, Writing Webinar

President’s Budget Cuts Entrepreneur Assistance Programs

From Association for Enterprise Opportunity Breakdown of President Obama’s FY2013 Budget for Micro. From Ann Sullivan, Madison Services Group, Inc. Although we are wading through all the details of the President’s FY13 budget submission released yesterday, we have pulled out the proposed funding numbers for the programs for which we advocate. First of all, the

Disappointed by FY 2013 Budget

CAMEO is Disappointed by President Obama’s FY 2013 Budget for Small Business CAMEO believes that President Obama’s FY 2013 Budget does next to nothing to help the overwhelming majority of small business – the very small businesses with five or fewer employees that make up 88% of the nation’s businesses. Contact Heidi Pickman 415-992-4484 hpickman

Invite All Entrepreneurs to the Party

CAMEO Wishes Start Up America a Happy First Birthday — And Urges SUA to Invite All Entrepreneurs and Very Small Businesses to the Party If Start Up America wants to meet its goals, CAMEO believes it must understand that 1) all start-ups create jobs and 2) consideration of and help for very small businesses need