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CDC Approved for Community Advantage

Congrats Kurt Chilcott, Stacey Sanchez and Robert Villareal and the rest of the CDC Small Business Finance team for being one of the first six lenders approved for the SBA’s Community Advantage program. Yesterday, the SBA announced an initial group of six community-based, mission-focused lenders that can begin to accept and process Community Advantage loan

Community Advantage

As you might already know, the SBA has a new program that will allow mission-driven lenders to have access to 7a loan guarantees for loans under $250,000. Learn who’s eligible, how to apply and how the program will be evaluated.

Chris & Jennifer Saint, Sweet Treats

San Diego – One day at a friend’s party, Chris, Jennifer and some others were reminiscing about the ice cream truck when they were kids – the excitement they had when they heard the music, the breathlessness from running in the house, scrounging for change and hoping you didn’t miss the truck, eating the peanuts off the top of a Drumstick, then the chocolate, then the vanilla ice cream, then crunching on the cone.

House Small Business Budget

House of Representatives Committee on Small Business proposes additional cuts for SBA programs (in addition to President Obama’s suggestions): * An additional $2.5 million reduction on microloan technical assistance; * Termination of the Women’s Business Centers; * Elimination of funds for Veterans Business Outreach Centers; * Elimination of the SBA’s Office of Native Affairs; *

Obama FY2012 Budget

President Obama’s proposed budget cuts for 2012 (beginning October 1, 2011) that will affect our industry: * The elimination of the SBA PRIME Program; * A $12 million reduction in funding for technical assistance under the SBA’s Microloan Program, from $22 million in FY2010 to just $10 million for FY201; * A 7.5% cut ($300

Congressional Testimony for SBA TA Funds

The Association for Enterprise Opportunity asked members to submit testimony to the Subcommittee on Financial Services and General Government, House Appropriations Committee about the FY2012 Small Business Administration Budget So here it is… Chairwoman Jo Ann Emerson and members of the Sub-committee, thank you for the opportunity to submit testimony about an issue of crucial

FINALLY A FY2011 Budget

Congress voted to pass a FY2011 budget that includes $38 billion in cuts today and President Obama is expected to sign it. Here’s the nitty gritty courtesy of our friends at CFED – the bolded items will affect CAMEO members. Department of the Treasury The Community Development Financial Institutions Fund (CDFI Fund) will receive $227

Kara McGibben, Perception Construction

Kara and her husband came to CAMEO member Women’s Economic Ventures (WEV) in Santa Barbara after a long period of unemployment. The two decided take their economic future into their own hands and launch a business. With a background in project management for construction companies, Kara completed the WEV 2009 Spring Self-Employment Training course and

Ted Sheets, Advanced Signs

Ted Sheets has been making signs in Eureka since 1984. In 2006, he began to look at the possibility of moving out of his garage, which was full to the rafters. Ted wanted to expand his sign business and started looking at sign franchise opportunities. But he didn’t know how to tell if it was

Lucy Ludwig

Lucy Ludwig received a $3,000 microloan from Accion San Diego to launch her law practice.