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Outsmart Disaster 2020 helps businesses in California build resiliency for a wide range of disasters, including a pandemic.

CDFI Friendly America shared their Toolkit to create a CDFI Friendly Small Business Emergency Assistance Fair.

The COVID-19 Federal Rural Resource Guide is a resource for rural leaders looking for federal funding and partnership opportunities to help address this pandemic.

Agility Recovery has two pandemic planning resources for small businesses: a seasonal influenza preparedness checklist and a pandemic tabletop exercise.

Prosperity Now released a Communicating on Race and Racial Economic Equity Guide.

Independent Sector released a resource compiling each presidential candidate’s policy positions with regards to the nonprofit sector.

Prosperity Now has released their 2020 Scorecard, featuring national, state, and local-level data on Americans’ financial health.

Blue Avocado explains what AB5 means for nonprofits.

TechSoup published their Nonprofit Tech Trends for 2020.

SBA Office of Advocacy released a fact sheet on the growth in number of rural business establishments.

CalNonprofits’ new Guide to Getting Your First Government Grant helps community nonprofits access government funding.

Check out our holiday shopping guide for a list of directories from CAMEO members. If your guide isn’t on the list, let us know!

The Federal Reserve’s current issue of Consumer & Community Context features three articles that focus on small businesses’ access to capital.

Archived listings

Agility Recovery’s disaster planning guide outlines basic steps any organization should take to build resilience in the face of emergencies.

New Census Data: Income Inequality Widens Among Californians.

SBA Office of Advocacy published Small Business Profiles for Congressional Districts, which provides user-friendly snapshots of small business statistics.

The National CDFI Directory is now available on the Richmond Fed’s website.

CalNonprofits has partnered with human resources expert ThinkHR to provide free tools and trainings to their members.

Cutting Edge Capital just announced the launch of a new impact investing platform, SVX.US.

Prosperity Now has a comprehensive new resource, the “Financial Coaching Program Design Guide: A Participant-Centered Approach.”

CalNonprofits published an open letter to crowdfunding companies, calling for responsible practices in the industry.

West Company is now West Business Development Center.

The Center for Responsible Lending released a documentary on South Dakota’s fight to end triple-digit payday interest rates.

Check out FIELD’s new website filled with reports and data and microbusiness news.

Opportunity Finance Network’s Jennifer Vasiloff wrote a blog post on What New Opportunity Zones Tax Incentives May Mean for CDFIs.

LendingFront explains How Small Business Lenders Can Get the Most From Fintech Innovations in UI and UX.

Download Operation Hope’s Personal Disaster Preparedness Guide and FEMA’s Emergency Financial First Aid Kit (EFFAK).

Prosperity Now has an Advocacy Center where you can find information on your legislators and how they voted on issues that affect small business and the asset building community. 1. Visit their Advocacy Center. 2. Click the “My Legislators” button. (If you are new to the Advocacy Center, enter your contact information on the next page.) 3. Select the legislator from the drop-down menu (state and federal legislators are listed) and explore.

The California Reinvestment Coalition has released a guide for banks on how to better serve immigrant communities.

Credit Builders Alliance released Achieving Credit Strength: A Toolkit for Supporting Returning Citizen Entrepreneurs.

Susan Brown, our microlending expert, created Phase I of a Community Loan Policy Manual Workbook to assist community lenders to create fully developed loan policies manual. Lenders of every stripe that address each topic and answer all the questions will have a complete loan manual that reflects a comprehensive approach to the details of running a high-quality program.

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