Celebrate The Multiplier Effect of Stimulus Funds!

First, I want to correct my last blog where I inadvertently omitted several members who were awarded SBA PRIME grants for 2010-11. Congratulations to all the PRIME award winners as follows: CEO Women (Bay Area) $47,060 El Pajaro CDC (Watsonville) $250,000 MEDA (San Francisco) $250,000 Renaissance Entrepreneurship Center (Bay Area) $150,000 Women’s Economic Ventures (Santa

CAMEO Members Benefit from Government Stimulus

CAMEO members throughout the state are putting government funds to work to stimulate new businesses and jobs for their communities. These organizations have shown leadership in their commitment to scale up their lending or business assistance programs to serve the increased demand– from businesses abandoned by the banks or struggling during the Recession, or by

Jobs and Meg Whitman

By Susan Brown CAMEO Rural Consultant I heard a part of the debate between Jerry Brown and Meg Whitman recently. Meg bemoaned businesses moving out of California because of our unfriendly business policies. She should check out this report Business Relocation and Homegrown Jobs by Jed Kolko, of the Public Policy Institute of California. Kolko

Three Part Harmony Produces New Capital for Fresno Small Business

Valley Small Business Development, a CAMEO member CDFI serving the Fresno and greater San Joaquin Valley region, forged a unique partnership with both Wells Fargo Bank and the Fresno Regional Foundation to facilitate a $1 million equity equivalent (EQ2) investment in small businesses.  These funds will help an estimated 25-30 businesses, and create about 200

Policy Briefings for the Rich and/or Famous

Everyone is looking for ways to create jobs in this Great Recession, and CAMEO is becoming a go-to place to find out how Micro Enterprise development can be a key strategy for mobilizing entrepreneurship and creating new jobs.  Following are the highlights from briefings prepared for Speaker Nancy Pelosi, for the two Gubernatorial candidates, Meg

Ms. CAMEO Goes to Washington- Part IV

On July 12 I participated in the Federal Reserve’s Capstone Forum, along with several of our members – Selma Taylor, Kurt Chilcott and Roberto Barragan.—to make recommendations for moving capital to small and micro businesses.   Despite the protestations by bankers that they had plenty of money to loan but no demand from “credit-worthy” small businesses,

Entrepreneurs Provide Demand for Credit

President Obama gets it. He understands that small businesses hold the key to the American economy. But the president has a demand problem. His latest proposals, such as making TARP money available for community banks to lend, and tax deductions and incentives for more hiring and better wages, will only work if the nation’s small

Legislature Responds to Calls for Restoration of Loan Guarantee Fund

Members of CAMEO and the Association of Financial Development Corporations took another positive step this week toward restoring the $10 million gutted from the Small Business Loan Guarantee Trust Fund in the budget process. While cuts to every state program need be considered in order to get through these historic budget deficits, certain programs that

CAMEO Advocates for Additional SBA funding in the Senate Stimulus Bill

CAMEO sent the letter attached below to Senators Boxer and Feinstein and Speaker Pelosi to urge more funding for the SBA Micro Enterprise programs than currently recommended by the Senate Appropriations Committee. We continue to see TARP as a potential funding source for our members’ work and will keep up our advocacy efforts in this vein.